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Nishant Malhotra

Senior Vice President, MMB | Mumbai

  • Name: Nishant Malhotra
  • Job Title: Senior Vice President, International Benefits, MMB India
  • Business: International Business, Employee Health & Benefits
  • Office Location: Mumbai, India
  • Joined Marsh: June 2014
  • Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Education: PGDMM (Post Graduate in Marketing Management) from Fore School of Management, New Delhi  
  • Interests: Tennis, music, keeping fit

Meet Nishant

As a part of the Employee Health & Benefits business for Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) India, I manage international benefits for Indian multi-nationals. I am responsible for business development and consulting with clients for global benefits programs, international health insurance, and expatriate health insurance. These are key differentiators that MMB offers to clients with which we create value for clients within Employee Health & Benefits.

Which of our Marsh shared characters — passionate, human, inquisitive, or enterprising — resonates most with you?

I would choose “enterprising.” I appreciate the opportunity to create newer solutions for our clients. It definitely adds new flavor to our offerings and enhances our value proposition to clients.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned recently. How did you learn it?

Listening to our clients is a huge learning experience for me. The majority of the time, clients are not seeking solutions from you; they are giving you the solutions wherein you have to involve insurers and administrators to implement those solutions. Additionally, Marsh's culture and expertise help us innovate and implement these solutions most efficiently.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

Hybrid work allows me flexibility in how I plan my work. Specifically, in a city like Mumbai, I can save a lot of time traveling and still be more productive. Additionally, the time saved from commuting can be re-directed towards an activity I enjoy. This keeps me fit mentally and enhances productivity at work as well.

I firmly believe in having a hobby that acts as a stress buster, keeps you going, and gives you time to relax and enjoy interests outside work.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Why is this topic important to you? How have you helped raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being?

World Mental Health Day provides an opportunity for everyone to improve our understanding of this illness, including clarifying the misconceptions and stigma surrounding this topic. Organizations have a much larger role to play, and initiatives around these would help employees to "speak up.”

At Marsh, I’m part of the Friends in Need Aider (FINA) program, which provides training and accreditation in supporting others and their mental well-being. I learned skills such as ways to listen without judgment and how to be in service to others who may be experiencing emotional distress.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today.

I have a close-knit family consisting of my spouse and two kids. Everyone is occupied with their work, studies, and playtime, but at the same time, we have a very strong relationship and support each other. This has obviously contributed and played a big role in who I am today.

I am also fortunate to have five very close, like-minded childhood friends. Our group stays in touch and finds time to connect several times each year. When we need advice, we can lean on each other and, more often than not, find the right guidance.

Recognizing World Mental Health Day

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, meet some of our colleagues committed to keeping the importance of mental well-being front and center. Marsh values diverse perspectives, talents, and backgrounds.