Cyber Myths

Silent Cyber is Making a Lot of Noise

While organisations are increasingly aware of the threat a cyber-attack poses to daily operations, the supply chains, and even the bottom line - 20% of them now list it as their chief risk concern, up from just 5% in 2017 - many of them are holding off investing in a cyber insurance policy despite threats coming in a number of shapes and forms, from external hackers down to employee negligence or even malicious behaviour.

There are a number of so-called Cyber Myths that tend to do the rounds, from "my organisation is too small and not interesting enough to external hackers" down to overly relying on the IT department or Cloud as a means to protect valuable data, compounding a general feeling that such incidents will never or that the impact will be minimal.

Marsh’s Cyber Myths series, made up of 4 mini-episodes, explore and expose the facts behind the myths. The featured companies are fictitious, but the cyber-related comprises are frequently the reasons behind a cyber-claim.

The campaign was launched in October – in conjunction with the European Cyber Security Month – by Marsh’s Cyber Practice.

Be aware of your cyber risks, build cyber resilience

Cyber Myths - Is The Cloud That Secure?

Cyber Myths - Our Business Is Temporarily Offline

Cyber Myths - A Fishy Story

Cyber Myths - Data Dilemma

Cyber Myths: Financial Impact of a Business Interruption Loss

As witnessed across our Cyber Myth series, a cyber-attack can have ramifications across an organisation. But what would be the scale of financial damage in case of an outage of operations in your company?

Fill in our brief questionnaire now – and a Marsh Cyber Expert will get in touch with you with a detailed analysis thanks to our Cyber Ideal Business Interruption model.