Risk Management 301 Webcast: "Is Fleet Safety Your Risk Management Blind Spot?"

By taking a proactive approach to fleet safety management — one that is driven from the top of your organization — you can effectively protect the health and safety of your employees and, ultimately, your business.

As organizations struggle with managing the full spectrum of risks they face, an often overlooked exposure is fleet safety. It’s not unusual for risk managers and their C-suite counterparts to downplay auto risks for organizations that do not operate a large fleet of trucks; however, a potentially more significant source of risk exists in non-traditional fleets. For example, if an employee is involved in a collision on company time, the organization may be liable for the cost of the collision and resulting property or workers’ compensation costs. During the one-hour webcast, our team of experts discussed:

  • The state of the auto liability industry and auto-related workers’ compensation trends.
  • What exactly constitutes a fleet.
  • Common exposures, whether you operate traditional or nontraditional fleets.
  • Key elements of a best-in-class fleet safety program.
  • Client fleet safety experience.

Panelists included:

  • Joyce Long, Global Workforce Strategies Practice leader.
  • Richard Bleser, Fleet Safety Practice leader, Workforce Strategies Practice.
  • Rick Cates, Fleet Safety Practice, Workforce Strategies Practice.