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Jaclyn Tong

Client Executive | Vancouver

  • Name: Jaclyn Tong
  • Job Title: Client Executive, Corporate
  • Business: Marsh  
  • Office Location: Vancouver
  • Joined Marsh: September 2014
  • Hometown: Vancouver  
  • Education: Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University, Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, Canadian Risk Management Designation 
  • Interests: Hiking, yoga, spas, wine

Meet Jaclyn

I joined Marsh in the Graduate Trainee program in 2014 after graduating from Queen’s University, and I am now a client executive and vice president.

During my first two years as a graduate trainee, I rotated through various departments in the Vancouver office including Construction, FINPRO, Claims, Marine, Mining, and Global Placement.

After completing the program, I moved into the mining practice as an associate client executive, working on a number of the largest operational global mining companies in the Vancouver office.

In 2019, I was promoted to my current role as a client executive in the Corporate department. I manage a portfolio of clients with a focus on real estate, retail and hospitality industries and am responsible for the insurance placement and addressing the risk management needs of these clients.

At Marsh, our purpose is to protect and promote possibility. What does possibility mean to you?

I view possibility as a mindset of constant growth. We are confined by what we perceive to be our limitations. Possibility to me means pushing boundaries. Possibility is dreaming of change, seeing the potential for more, for better, and achieving it by challenging the status quo.

I have always taken on Marsh’s purpose to protect and promote possibility to better myself, strengthen relationships with colleagues and clients, and grow Marsh.

Throughout my time at Marsh, no one year has been the same. There has been continual learning and growth, and I am proud to work for Marsh, which provides so many personal and professional development opportunities within one organization.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

A hybrid work environment provides the best of both worlds. Working at home, I have the convenience of starting my day without a commute, leaving more time in the day to manage work and home life responsibilities. Working in the office, I have face time with colleagues and clients, which is key to building and maintaining relationships.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today?

I am the person and colleague I am today because of the value of building relationships that my grandfather and my father taught me.

In 1949, my grandfather and grandmother immigrated by boat to British Columbia, Canada, from Guangzhou, China, with barely any money or possessions and with no university education. They moved with the goal of creating a better life for themselves and their family. My mother’s father came from a farming family and scrounged up enough money after moving to Canada to start a farming business in Burnaby. My grandfather worked extremely hard and sacrificed in order to ensure a university education was possible for his six children and three siblings. Building trusting relationships with other farmers and customers was key to his success and the legacy he left behind.

My father immigrated to Vancouver from Hong Kong to pursue his dental school education. He started his dental practice in 1983 with no customers. However, through his work ethic, resilience, and relationship building with customers one by one, he now has loyal patients who have been seeing him for over 30 years, many of which are multi-generation families.

Witnessing the value that strong relationships played in the success of my grandfather’s farming business and father’s dental practice as I was growing up is something I've carried with me as I move through my career. As a client executive, I recognize the importance of building authentic, trusting, and professional relationships with my clients and providing the best service possible.

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