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Automotive programmes

The automotive industry is rapidly changing as it moves towards an era of electric vehicles and new ownership models are introduced. Marsh specialists understand your evolving risks and can offer bespoke insurance programmes that cover your market’s changing needs and demands.

As an industry leader around the globe, Marsh has an extensive network of experienced automotive industry specialists who understand the specifics of the market, how to open up revenue streams, and how to manage bespoke insurance programmes.

We work with you to help strengthen your brand image, add value to your end users, and increase retention rates. The total cost of ownership is a factor that consumers weigh when making an impactful purchase, such as an automobile. We can help you stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Marsh specialists not only offer customised programmes with integrated digital solutions built around your needs, but can help train staff as required and offer marketing advice as we collaborate with you through every step of the journey.  Our team of specialists design tailor-made insurance programmes.

Watch the demo to see how we can improve your buyer journey via embedded insurance.


Our team of experienced specialists understand the specific value of automotive insurance for your customers. Our extensive network allows us to create a tailor-made solution that not only enhances your value proposition to your end users, but will help maximise your revenue streams.

The establishment of an affinity offer for your customers results from knowledge of your market and our ability to provide you with design, investment, and management solutions.

As well as being able to secure competitive rates for vehicle insurance, your advisor can help you build a programme with options such as extended warranty, key protection, scratch and dent coverage, tire and rims, as well as any other risks or losses you would like to offer.

Contact a Marsh advisor for a free, no obligation assessment of your current insurance programme. We can help make changes that will improve your offering and value to your customers. We understand the automotive insurance market, the risks that you and your end users face, as well as how to find an appropriate insurance solution that meets everyone’s needs.

If your client needs to make a claim on your automotive insurance programme, our team will be on hand to help deal with First Notice of Loss (FNOL) claims. In fact, we develop digitally integrated solutions that will not only simplify the process, but enhance your end users’ experience and your brand.