Ca Dao “Cookie” Duong

TRAC Associate | Los Angeles

  • Name: Ca Dao “Cookie” Duong
  • Job Title: TRAC Associate
  • Business: FINPRO
  • Office Location: Los Angeles
  • Joined Marsh: October 2020
  • Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Education: University of Southern California
  • Major: International Relations Global Business
  • Interests: Reading, cooking, community service, yoga



Meet Ca Dao

I’m a TRAC Associate, working on the advisory side of FINPRO and focusing on the Communication, Media, and Technology segment.

The Marsh TRAC program is a two-year training program designed to develop high-potential graduates and accelerate their careers through formal training, structured projects, and hands-on experience in multiple aspects of our business.

At Marsh, our purpose is to protect and promote possibility. What does possibility mean to you?

Possibility means the ability afforded to do anything you truly desire. As a person of color, possibility also includes the conversation about equity of opportunity.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

The hybrid work environment has been a game-changer for my sense of work-life balance. Not only have I been just as productive, if not more, thanks to the elimination of long commute times in Los Angeles, but I have also been able to stay healthier and pursue more rewarding hobbies.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today?

I am proud to say that both my mother and father are survivors who have overcome the worst of hardships and made life-changing sacrifices to ensure I would have a better life than they would. My work ethic can be traced back to their life-long lesson of perseverance. In the same vein, my parents have always taught me to honor and keep alive all the best aspects of my culture. Therefore, I continuously immerse myself in any available cultural initiative at work and serve my community with my abilities.

For example, in 2020, a friend and I developed a news aggregator website called The Interpreter, which translates news articles, op-eds, and analyses from major international outlets into Vietnamese. We were spurred to do this because we felt like there was a need to educate and promote civic engagement in the Vietnamese community, where language barriers were making existing resources inaccessible. Today, the website is updated regularly, with approximately three to six articles translated daily, and is staffed by dozens of volunteer translators and editors. 

Going through life as a woman of color, I know all too well the feelings of isolation and of being set apart from others. As a result, I always strive to be someone’s friend, mentor, or role model. I do my best to set good examples at work because I would have loved looking up to somebody who looked like me or is from a similar cultural background.

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