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Maki Kawasumi

Managing Director and Senior Client Executive | New York

  • Name: Maki Kawasumi
  • Job Title: Managing Director, Senior Client Executive
  • Office Location: New York City
  • Joined Marsh: June 2021
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Education: Sophia University, Tokyo
  • Interests: Food, wine, golf, and dogs (well, my dog)

Meet Maki

As a senior client executive in Marsh's Risk Management department, I am responsible for the overall relationship between each of my clients and Marsh and making sure we deliver unmatched value as their trusted risk advisors. 

Marsh has moved towards a hybrid work model. How does this flexibility impact you?

The hybrid work model impacts me in two distinct ways.

First, having onboarded during the pandemic (June 2021), one of the challenges has been growing my network. I met most of my new colleagues through the screen, but I have found it difficult to foster new relationships that way. The return to the office has already started to help bridge this gap.

Second, my responsibilities as a global client executive must cater to the needs of my clients, many of whom are global and go beyond the 9-to-5 regimen. The hybrid work model allows me to be flexible with my use of time so that I can start my day early to meet virtually with colleagues and clients in Europe or work later to do the same with those in Asia. It allows me to focus on immediate needs and projects for whatever length of time needed, without the interruption of the commute.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today?

I was born in Japan and spent my formative years being shuffled between Tokyo and New York. As an adult, I worked in the insurance industry in São Paulo, Brazil, before transferring to New York. There are distinct differences between the culture and business acumen in Japan, US, and Brazil.

Understanding and appreciating these differences have enhanced my ability to navigate the global challenges our colleagues and clients face every day. By leveraging the differences and finding innovative solutions, I have become a better partner for them.

I am a true believer in the good that mentorship and sponsorship programs can bring to individual colleagues and the advancement of our organization, and I see this as part of the cornerstone of creating our industry's future. As a member of the executive sponsor committee for the Marsh Asian Colleague Resource Group (ACRG), I hope to leverage my experience and help promote these initiatives as we develop plans to launch a mentoring program for ACRG colleagues.

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