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William Kim

Associate Client Advisor – Marine Practice | San Francisco

  • Name: William Kim
  • Job Title: Associate Client Advisor, Client & Customer Services
  • Business: Marine Practice
  • Office: San Francisco
  • Joined Marsh: June 2019
  • Hometown: San Francisco
  • Education: University of Southern California, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations Global Business
  • Interests: Traveling, drawing, food, board games, history, movies/pop culture


Meet William

As a cargo broker for the West Zone Marine team, I have the unique experience of engaging in both the Placement and Advisory portions of the business. I work with both underwriters and directly with clients to create cargo programs that address each company's bespoke risk management needs. My daily responsibilities include consulting with these Fortune 500 clients on their insurance programs and questions, negotiating terms and conditions from underwriters, and attending meetings and events to cultivate Marsh’s relationships and form new business opportunities.

Outside of my daily client work, I also participate in the Marine Construction practice. I help lead meetings, create and distribute marketing materials, and engage with senior leadership to develop new business.

Additionally, I am a co-chair of the San Francisco and San Jose branch of the Asian Colleague Resource Group, where I organize and lead events that further cultural awareness and career development for members and allies. As a co-chair, I planned and hosted the 9th Annual National Leadership Forum themed "Emerge, Evolve, & Thrive in Challenging Times." The event featured various speakers, including senior leaders from Marsh and intercompany event co-sponsors.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

The flexibility to work in person or remotely has been key in developing a dynamic workflow that helps me perform my best. I choose to work from home on days when I have multiple virtual meetings scheduled with clients or brokers from other geographies. I tend to work longer hours on these days since I do not have to commute. Meanwhile, I find it equally valuable to work with colleagues in person at the office because these in-person interactions lead to easier accessibility and are essential to team building.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today?

As the son of Korean immigrants, my background as a second-generation Asian American has informed much of who I am today. Both of my parents grew up in post-war Seoul, which was an impoverished nation that was a far cry from the bustling pop-culture capital that it is today. Seeking a better life for themselves and their respective loved ones, they each individually came to the United States with little more than the clothes on their back and determination to succeed. As soon as my father arrived, he joined the US army while knowing very little English. He then experimented with various professions, from working at the post office to owning a VHS store, before building a successful painting and construction practice from the ground up. Meanwhile, my mother took care of my brother and me, raising us and making sure that we could receive the higher education that she and my father had never received.

Both my parents sacrificed a lot to ensure that I received the opportunities I have today. They instilled in me the values of discipline, attitude, and effort, which have guided me throughout my personal and professional development. Through their examples, I have developed a mindset of making every day count. I try to keep this philosophy in mind each time I show up to work. Whether it’s through my interactions with colleagues or responding to client requests quickly and efficiently, I like to think of myself as a team player who always gives it his all to support those around me.

I make great efforts to mentor other team members and provide value to the organization through my leadership in the Asian Colleague Resource Group. I know that many people at Marsh probably share similar family histories to mine, so I aim to play an active role in supporting them and ensuring that we succeed together.

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