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Lefika Baloyi

Graduate Trainee - Global Placement | Toronto

  • Job Title: Graduate Trainee
  • Business: Global Placement
  • Office Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Joined Marsh: August 2022  
  • Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana
  • Education: Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) – BSc. In Financial Mathematics, Psychology minor
  • Personal Interests and Hobbies: Dancing, travel, reading

Meet Lefika

I am a graduate trainee doing my first rotation in Global Placement. The Graduate Trainee program is a two-year rotational program designed to develop high-potential graduates and accelerate their careers through formal training, structured projects, and hands-on experience in multiple aspects of the business.

As a part of the program, I have had the opportunity to learn about Marsh's different practices/areas, build strong connections with markets, and support accounts across many industries.

On a day-to-day basis, my work could include meeting/calling markets, helping evaluate quotes and coverages, and working on projects assigned to me by my mentor.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned recently. How did you learn it? 

As a part of the Graduate Trainee program, I learn something new about insurance every day. It could be technical skills, a market’s risk appetite, how to negotiate, and so much more. A lot of my learning is supported by my mentor, who has been incredibly helpful in answering many of my questions, and my fellow graduate trainees, who share what they are learning as they navigate the program.

How has Marsh helped you progress toward your professional and personal goals?

I work with incredible people with a wealth of experience and knowledge, which has been the best part of working at Marsh. Everyone I have worked with has been incredible in helping me sharpen my technical and soft skills. With the support and advice I have been receiving, professionally, I feel more confident in approaching the work I support, and I am utilizing that advice in my personal life as well.

How had your education or previous work experience translated to working at Marsh?

In university, I worked in residence as an academic advisor throughout my four years at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and was a part of several student groups. All my experiences there helped hone my skills in communicating effectively, working independently and in teams, and managing my time well, which are all things that have been important thus far in my role.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today.

In the Batswana community, we like to say mabogo dinku a thebana which loosely translated means as people, we can navigate this world a little easier if we help and uplift each other. Growing up, my family, friends, and community provided me with a lot of support and guidance. My family and friends always make me feel like my dreams and aspirations are never impossible. Throughout my school experience, teachers and fellow peers would provide resources/support and words of encouragement as I tackled my many academic goals. These experiences became fundamental in how I see myself and interact with the people and environment around me. I strive to be always welcoming, dependable, and supportive in both my personal and professional life. I hope the people I interact with experience and feel that.

Celebrating Black History Month

Join us in celebrating Black History Month. At Marsh, we believe that inclusion, diversity, and belonging are core to our purpose of protecting and promoting possibility.