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Angelica Brent

Supervisor - Insurance Operations | Austin

  • Job Title: Operations Supervisor
  • Office Location: Austin, TX
  • Joined Marsh: July 2013
  • Hometown: Austin, TX
  • Education: University of Texas at Austin
  • Interests: Texas Longhorn Football, Community Outreach, Reading non-fiction  

Meet Angelica

I supervise the Southeast Certificates Team, which is part of our Proof of Insurance department in US Operations.  My team is made up of 10 Certificate Specialists who support our client-facing colleagues located in Atlanta, Florida, and Tennessee during the ongoing servicing for our clients. I am responsible for communicating feedback within my team and the supported offices. Additionally, I identify and evaluate trends for process improvement and resolve any escalated service issues.

What excites you about working at Marsh? 

My career growth and the colleagues I interact with every day are why I enjoy working at Marsh. I joined Marsh right after college, and Marsh has given me the space to grow as a professional and individual. Working with my team members and colleagues to develop solutions for our clients is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my role. I’ve also worked with various leaders who have coached me and provided feedback to strengthen and learn new skills.  

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today?

My parents migrated to the US in the late 1970s. My dad learned his trade on the job and eventually ventured out and worked on his own as he became an expert in his field and formed long-lasting relationships. His goal was to always provide for his family. As our home city became more dangerous, he was able to find new opportunities elsewhere. Our family moved several times, trying to find the safest place for my sister and me to grow up. Moving to Honduras, Mexico, and then back to the US allowed me to learn about my heritage. It was imperative to my parents that their daughters were fluent in Spanish to ensure we maintained our family relationships, and so we could take advantage of all opportunities.   

Having to relocate while growing up helped me develop my skills to connect with a wide range of people and personalities. This has helped me become comfortable building relationships and a sense of community and to be flexible and adaptable. When I reflect on my background, I realize that each experience has taught me to accept any new challenge that comes my way. 

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