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Andani Lungu

Account Executive | Lusaka

  • Job Title: Account Executive
  • Department: Risk Services
  • Office Location: Lusaka, Zambia
  • Joined Marsh: April 2017
  • Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia
  • Education: Chartered Insurance Institute (UK), Advanced Diploma in Insurance
  • Personal Interests and Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, community work

Meet Andani

I assist the Chief Operations Officer and Managing Director of the Marsh Zambia Office in all aspects of client service, including client contact, administration, technical support, and business development. I ensure accurate, efficient, and timely production of all client, insurer, and policy-related documentation and assist in managing and developing the vibrant team I lead.

How has your education or previous work experience translated to working at Marsh?

I’m a chartered insurance practitioner by profession. I will celebrate ten years of working in the insurance industry this year. I started my career in loss adjusting and risk management consulting and later moved into broking. I was trained to conduct claims investigations, risk surveys, and compilation of loss assessments, valuations, and risk management survey reports. Moving to the broking space was exciting because I was bringing my knowledge of risk management and knowledge of both claims and underwriting practice, which gave me the space to be a trusted risk advisor to existing and prospective clients.

​​​​​​How does Marsh support you in giving back to your communities?

Marsh has been instrumental in supporting colleagues in giving back to our communities. I co-lead the Marsh Cares resource group in Zambia. In 2022, we were one of the most active chapters in the company. Some of our projects have included a Plant-A-Tree campaign, supporting two major feeding programs for the elderly at aftercare homes in Lusaka and Ndola, and hosting a Christmas party for Zambia’s oldest and first transient and adoption home in Lusaka. Since entering the Zambian market, Marsh has, over the years, become a trusted partner in aiding the adoption center. Knowing that we can make a difference is very heartwarming and meaningful. 

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today.

I come from a small nuclear family of five, but I am part of a big extended family that I love and enjoy spending time with. My father has been very instrumental in my life and taught me a lot about how to be assertive. I’ve been surrounded by strong-willed women, too, like my aunts, cousins, and siblings, so giving up is not an option in my family!

I consider myself ambitious, but I am also mindful not to step on any toes or burn bridges with people I interact with because no person is an island in the end. My family has taught me the importance of community, and I have brought this to my work in how I interact with others.

What is the most meaningful advice you’ve received?

The most meaningful advice I received was from my father: Be generous to your future by giving your all to the present. In Latin, they say, "Carpe Diem!"  My father said this to me after giving me the back story of how he and his former deskmate ended up having very different lives because of their choices. “Carpe diem” has become my motto whenever I have to make a life-changing decision or whenever I am afraid or unsure of myself.

Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. At Marsh, we believe that inclusion, diversity, and belonging are core to our purpose of protecting and promoting possibility.