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Luis Torres

Chief Operations Officer - Marsh & MMB, Latin American & Caribbean | Bogotá

  • Job Title: Marsh Digital Leader, and Chief Operations Officer, Mercer Marsh Benefits, Latin American & Caribbean
  • Business: Marsh and Mercer Marsh Benefits
  • Office Location: Bogotá
  • Joined Marsh: September 2015
  • Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia
  • Education: Universidad de los Andes, Business Administration. IE Business School, MBA
  • Interests: Learning new things, sports


Meet Luis

I am responsible for Digital Transformation in Latin American and the Caribbean, working as a liaison with our regional stakeholders on projects related to our company’s advanced digital solutions, such as LINQ, Blue[i], and Bluestream. My main responsibilities are:

  • Promoting a digital culture among the 11 countries in the region;
  • Accelerating the implementation and adoption of our global digital solutions (LINQ, Blue[i], Bluestream); and
  • Creating a new mindset based on innovation, as well as articulating our digital ecosystem, whether it’s academia, insurtech, clients, or centers of excellence.

Additionally I am responsible for leading the business change agenda and business-as-usual operations and technology for Mercer Marsh Benefits in the region, which encompasses 2,000 colleagues. 

What excites you about working at Marsh?

Marsh is a very dynamic enterprise that enables possibilities for anyone that is willing to pursue them! For the last six years, I have had many opportunities to grow exponentially on the job by learning from colleagues, businesses, countries, regions, and areas.

I joined Marsh in 2015 as a Strategic Planning Manager, Vice President, and have held four different roles since that time and been promoted to Senior Vice President.

My biggest passion revolves around learning. I love to learn and Marsh gives me exactly that, and also the possibility to share what I have learn with others.

How has being a mentor, mentee, or both shaped your life and career?

The personal satisfaction of watching someone smile because what you share with them resonates gives me great energy and motivation. I enjoy mentoring colleagues in the early stages of their careers and helping them navigate through the company for two main reasons: First, it shows them that they can experiment and choose their own paths. Second, it helps me stay updated with an “outside world” perspective of those early in their career. 

Being a mentor helps fuel my passion for learning because mentoring is not only about sharing your experience but also learning from the experiences and perspectives of others! 

Celebrating Mentoring Month

Join us in recognizing the power of mentoring and its incredible impact on protecting and promoting Possibility for our colleagues and communities.