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Younghee Kim

Senior Vice President - Communication, Media and Technology & Chemical Team | Seoul

  • Job Title: Senior Vice President
  • Business: Risk Management, Communication, Media and Technology (CMT)
  • Office Location: Seoul, Korea
  • Joined Marsh: April 2013
  • Hometown: Suncheon-shi, Jeonnam-do, Korea
  • Education: Yonsei University, BA, English language & literature
  • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Watching drama or Netflix, golf

Meet Younghee

I’m the Communication, Media and Technology (CMT) leader for Marsh Korea and a team leader for two key Korean conglomerate clients. As a leader, I think two things are the most important. One is client engagement, and the other is colleague engagement. 

Client engagement is the key factor to meeting or exceeding our business goals. Colleague engagement is critical to making our people resources more powerful and successful. I take action to maintain these two key components, which are fundamental to the development of me, my team, and Marsh.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned. How did you learn it? 

I participated in a Marsh Asia “Inspiring Leadership & Crucial Conversations” learning session. The workshop was inspiring and provided many lessons about what I should consider and do as a team leader.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

COVID-19 is still not over, even though I do not have the same worries I did in the earlier days of the pandemic.

I find hybrid work invigorating. Hybrid work helps me have more balance between work and life and allocate my time more effectively. When I work from home, I can save time from commuting and spend that time on other professional or personal priorities.   

What is the most meaningful advice you’ve received? 

The importance of resilience and centeredness, which was advice from my development coach.

I’ve learned that I, as a leader, must maintain resilience to do the role granted, whether the results are good or bad. Especially in the case of one project, our team collaborated for a long time, but the project failed in the end. For this situation, I needed to find the lessons learned and share the way we should go forward despite the bad result. In this sense, I think resilience and centeredness are the most meaningful words to maintain our business as we pursue growth.          

What practice(s) have you found most helpful in creating an effective mentor/mentee relationship?

For the mentor/mentee relationship to be effective and workable, I think the relationship should be closely related to the daily work scope between mentor and mentee. For example, between a team leader and a new colleague, or between a client executive and an assistant client executive. We find these kinds of relationships everywhere at Marsh.

To make the relationship successful, two parties must help each other in areas needed. Joint efforts and open communication are the basis for building the relationship.

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