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Mental Health @ Marsh

Mental Health @Marsh is a dedicated Colleague Resource Group who strive to make Marsh a happier and healthier workplace by creating awareness, providing support, and supplying resources to colleagues.

Mental Health at Marsh Group logo

Mental Health @Marsh is a dedicated Colleague Resource Group that strives to make Marsh a happier and healthier workplace by creating awareness, providing support, and supplying resources to colleagues.

We achieve this by:

  • Being inclusive for all, not just those that are manifesting as sick
  • Encouraging personal ownership and personal responsibility for mental health
  • Being visible to colleagues and being part of the firm's values
  • Recognising diverse issues and concerns such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and family relationships
  • Encouraging open and honest conversations between colleagues to help break down the stigmas.

Key achievements so far:

  • Recognised by The British Insurance Awards, The Insurance Insider Honours, and Dive In Impact Awards for our Diversity & Inclusion contributions within Marsh.
  • Led the initiative to train Mental Health First Aiders across the UK and Ireland as well as introducing pilot schemes for management awareness training.
  • Signature events on specific topics, such as PTSD.
  • The Breakfast Club: informal coffee shop discussions hosted by senior colleagues who openly talk about their own personal experiences.
  • Webinars with external professionals on subjects such as managing anxiety, sleep clinics, and food and fitness.
  • Lunch & Learn sessions where colleagues share their own experiences including OCD, sleep disorder and second-generation survivor guilt.
  • Regular colleague led fitness sessions including yoga, running and tai chi.

Plans for the future

  • We will continue to meet the evolving needs of our colleagues by providing confidential support and a platform to discuss their personal experiences.
  • Expand our network of MHFAs across MMC in the UK.
  • Explore relevant topics that adapt with us, in the new way of working: food, fitness, sleep, tech Lunch & Learns from external speakers
  • Continue to collaborate with other CRGs and MH networks across the insurance market.

Colleagues speak about their reason for participation and the difference the group has made across Marsh:

"I wanted to participate so I could help people following my spell as a volunteer. We have made such a difference across Marsh with people now more willing to open up and share their stories and problems. I hear nothing but positive feedback."
— Justin Grant
"This group has supported me whilst I have been going through a very difficult time in my personal life. This made me want to give back to my colleagues, to use my experiences to support people where I can and to bring the topic of Mental Health out into the open by normalising and talking about issues that affect many people.
— Niki Haynes
"I joined because I want to help others in whatever situation they find themselves in. The group has made a huge difference to the company, individuals and we all connecting more."
— Victoria Harrison
"Mental Health both in the workplace and in general still seems to be an area that a lot of people are not comfortable discussing. As a Mental Health First Aider at Marsh my aim is to help demystify this and to help people feel more comfortable about asking for support when they feel they need it."
— Eric Alter
"To change the attitudes surrounding Mental Health in the work force, and provide accessible help to those in need."
— Leah Kalisky

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