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11 Plus Partner Firms

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Law Firms with 11+ Partners

We represent over a quarter of the Lawyer UK Top 200 Law firms and as professional indemnity insurance (PII) conditions become more challenging our advice to firms is based around an approach of strategic planning.

It is all about understanding your objectives and future plans so we can explore the options available to your firm. We start planning with you well in advance and will share our knowledge of insurers different risk selection criteria. As you will appreciate seeking the right advice on what and who is suitable for your firm is of paramount importance.

What we do

We can help you by offering:

  • Direct access to insurers – we are not tied to dealing with any particular insurer. By negotiating directly with almost all insurers writing solicitor’s professional indemnity insurance, we are in a strong position to achieve our clients' goals.
  • Data analytics – our vast pool of data on over 5,000 solicitor firms (including over 30,000 claims) enables us to use an analytical approach to negotiating terms.
  • Your firm can be benchmarked against comparable firms allowing us to determine a target premium, carry out claims comparisons, and provide detailed analysis to you.
  • Risk management training – we have dedicated risk managers who will work with your in-house risk and compliance team to deliver targeted training. Topics are selected on our knowledge of the profession along with your firm's key risk and training issues.
  • Specialist claims team – our legal and technical team provide advice and support regarding overall claims strategy and individual claims management.