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Historic Insurance: Sports Organisations and Governing Bodies

Recently there has been a great deal of publicity surrounding historic misconduct claims and, in certain sports, the potential for specific injury claims.

The Issue

A number of former professional players have come forward with allegations of historical abuse in football and it has been widely reported that various police forces are investigating these claims. However, this is not just an issue for football. Sport governing bodies, sport associations, sports clubs, or sport member organisations could also be subject to similar claims in the future.

An organisation’s historic liability insurance policies can protect them from the economic impact of these types of misconduct claims. However, many organisations are unable to locate their historic policies or other insurance records which could prove the existence of this valuable coverage.

Marsh’s Expertise

InSolutions, Marsh’s dedicated insurance archaeology team, can provide valuable support to all sporting organisations by assisting in the location of lost insurance policies. With over 25 years of experience, InSolutions has a proven track record of providing legacy services to clients.

We have direct access to a large broker archive that holds many thousands of records for private and public organisations, including sports organisations and associations.

The Value of Historic Insurance

Historic insurance assets dating back decades can provide significant protection against burdensome public liability (PL) and employers liability (EL) claims and defence costs.  The combined limits of an historic insurance portfolio can total millions of pounds of valuable coverage, providing your organisation and its stakeholders with protection from unexpected legacy liabilities.

  • Benefits of working with Insolutions include:
  • Ability to trace historic PL/EL insurance coverages to build or rebuild the historic insurance profile.
  • A thorough profile of historical entities associated with the organisation, to assist the understanding of where liability may sit.
  • The ability to focus on current business issues through the transfer of legacy claims to third parties or insurance carriers.
  • Future certainty around the protection against burdensome claims and expensive defence costs.