Event-Day Loss Control and Claims Management

The strategic use of trained claims professionals at the site of an event can significantly affect the number and cost of claims involving spectators.

Prior to the event, a safety inspection of the facility can reveal any obvious problems that might result in injury or property damage. Leaking pipes, wet or icy surfaces, loose railings, slip and trip hazards, and many other situations can be corrected or the area secured before fans arrive. 

When an incident does occur, immediate inspection of the scene can take place. Photographs can be taken, witnesses identified, and statements taken while the facts are fresh in people's minds. The injured person may also be interviewed and the correct course of action to be taken can quickly be put into place, which can often avoid future claims or litigation. All the information obtained "on the scene" is preserved for possible use of defending a claim, perhaps years later.

Several major events have deployed Marsh to provide such services, and the implementation of such a programme has resulted in substantial reductions in spectator liability incidents and subsequent insurance claims and costs.