Global Workforce Safety: Marsh’s PanOptimum Solution

The global nature of sport often requires an organisation’s workforce to be deployed all around the world – often in territories that present an increased risk exposure in respect of security, political unrest, and/or natural perils. The ability to evacuate colleagues quickly and efficiently is paramount to ensuring their safety, not only for medical, but also for political and/or environmental reasons.

The Marsh PanOptimum insurance cover is an all-in-one risk solution for workforce working abroad and satisfies the need for international organisations to have effective risk management programmes in place to protect employees during emergencies.

PanOptimum enables organisations to purchase an all-in-one combination of cover for the most prevalent risks, including political and natural disaster evacuation, group personal accident and medical, and kidnap and ransom.

In addition to comprehensive cover for these risks, the policy also provides the following:

  • A single point of contact – regardless of whether it’s personal accident, medical, kidnap and ransom, or a natural disaster evacuation.
  • An evacuation model set up specifically to address a gap in the current evacuation market and to assist organisations operating in today's rapidly changing global environment.
  • A specialised claims-handling company.
  • A dedicated kidnap and ransom response consultancy.

Marsh’s PanOptimum cover offers a key advantage – the possible evacuation co-ordinated by a specialist Assistance Company, from the point of an incident and on an already paid-for basis as opposed to the more traditional reimbursement model. This means that the workforce will be extracted from the point at which they are stranded or injured, and not, for example, told to meet a representative at a designated airport. 

The PanOptimum insurance solution can complement any existing arrangements with regard to workforce protection and benefits. The flexibility of buying either the evacuation or the personal accident benefits independently, or buying a package including kidnap and ransom, will allow your organisation to structure a comprehensive programme for the protection and benefit of workforce worldwide.