Incident response guide

What should I do when I discover a cyberattack?

As cybercrime and recovery costs continue to climb, our cyber incident response guide provides insights on the necessary steps and considerations when faced with navigating a cyberattack.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, cyber threats remain one of the top concerns for business leaders, with ransomware attacks increasing by 435% in 2020.

As cybercrime and recovery costs continue to climb, organisations need to be prepared to take the necessary steps following an incident that could disrupt their operations. A successful response involves a number of critical steps, starting with prompt coordination of resources.

We hope the worst never happens, but it’s best to be prepared if it does. That’s why Marsh has created the cyber incident response guide — to enable you to understand the steps you may need to take when navigating a cyber incident. 

This guide will help you understand: 

  • The best way to handle a cyber incident.
  • The best practice steps to take once you become aware an incident has occurred.
  • Key considerations in responding to a ransomware attack.