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Marsh Cyber Incident Preparation and Management Platform

A secure platform for incident response teams that enables planning, collaboration, and management of cyber incidents.


Off-network document storage that can be safely accessed anywhere by all incident response team members if systems or data are compromised.


Secure cyber “war room” and communication channel for incident response team members and external incident response vendors to communicate.


Customized incident response tools, resources, and protocols to test response workflows for each type of incident an organization may be exposed to.

Marsh has partnered with Cygnvs to provide Marsh Cyber clients with complimentary access to a new Cyber Incident Preparation and Response Platform. Cygnvs is a secure collaboration platform that helps clients to prepare, manage, and respond to cyber incidents.

The platform helps clients to prepare for cyber incidents in advance by bringing the right internal and external teams, documents, workflows, and vendors together to practice their incident response plan before an incident occurs.

Cygnvs is separate from existing corporate networks and can be managed from a mobile app, ensuring organisations can still mobilise and respond from anywhere at any time - even if their entire corporate network is compromised.

Marsh cyber clients are able to create and use secure cyber incident preparation and management rooms to help augment established incident response preparation and response initiatives at no cost. The rooms are a part of Cygnvs’ Cyber Incident Management Platform, which acts as a secure off-network workflow tool to control who has access to confidential data if attacked and drive communication and collaboration among all of the internal and external stakeholders needed to help your organisation prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.

Why Marsh

As specialists in enterprise risk and in cyber, we can help you take an enterprise-wide approach in building your cyber resilience. Together, we identify your risks, and work with you to develop a program tailored to your circumstances. We inform your approach and decision-making process with our more than 25 years of cyber experience and data-driven insights. By doing so, your path to cyber resilience can be more productive and predictive and your outcomes more efficient and effective.

Our people

Helen Nuttall

Helen Nuttall

Head of Cyber Incident Management

  • United Kingdom

Patrick Cannon

Patrick Cannon

Head of Cyber Claims Advocacy


From Incident to Resolution: Managing cyber claims successfully

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