UK Management Liability Claims Insights 2021 Year-end Review

To understand what claims are being made against management liability covers in 2021, download our UK management liability claims insights 2021 year-end review.

The frequency of management liability (ML) notifications received during 2021 continued the gradual increase of the previous two years.

Directors and officers notifications still outnumbered those for other ML products. Employment practices liability and crime claims followed, with pensions trustees liability notifications representing a minimal percentage of notifications received in the year. This is all consistent with the experience of 2020.

COVID-19 notifications are still developing, although it should be noted that 50% of notifications are circumstances, not claims, and some of them include block notifications of several circumstances.

To read more about what claims have arisen and where, as well as what we anticipate for the remainder of 2022, based on the data so far, please download our report.