Global Insurance Pricing Continues to Increase in First Quarter 2020

Global commercial insurance prices rose 14%, on average, in the first quarter of 2020, the largest increase observed in the Marsh Global Insurance Market Index since its inception in 2012, and the tenth consecutive quarter of increases.*

Pricing was trending higher in the first quarter prior to any meaningful impact from losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We do expect, however, that COVID-19 will have an impact on pricing for the balance of 2020.

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Increases seen across product lines

Pricing increases were seen across multiple products and all three major coverage areas — property, casualty, and financial and professional.

As was the case in the fourth quarter of 2019, the highest levels of increase were observed in financial and professional liability, which increased by 26%, while property insurance was up 15% globally. Casualty lines globally increased 5%. All regions have now demonstrated six consecutive quarters of composite pricing increases.

UK insurance prices up over 20%

Overall insurance pricing in the first quarter of 2020 in the UK increased 21%, the tenth consecutive quarter of increases.

  • Financial and professional liability insurance rates were a major driver of the overall increases, up by 46%. Companies with any form of US listing exposures posed the greatest challenge. Within the financial institutions sector, we saw D&O capacity reductions in certain classes and types of institution, resulting in pricing increases.
  • Property pricing in the UK increased 10% in the quarter. Capacity continued to decline as insurers looked to reduce their exposures on any given risk, avoid challenging trades, and increase premium rates.
  • Casualty pricing in the quarter increased 5%.

US insurance pricing up by more than 10%

US insurance pricing in the first quarter increased 14%, year-over-year.

  • Property pricing in the US has now increased 10 consecutive quarters (following the significant catastrophe losses in 2017), and was up by 21% in the first quarter, the highest level recorded since Marsh’s survey began in 2012.
  • Financial and professional liability insurance rates in the US increased 23%, driven by directors and officers (D&O) pricing, which increased an average of 44%. Pricing influences included heightened litigation, with traditional securities lawsuits increasing in frequency and severity. Cyber insurance pricing increased 6%, the highest average increase since 2016.
  • Casualty pricing in the US increased 5% in the first quarter, largely due to the excess liability market, where prices increased by 11%. Automobile liability increased 10%, with 80% of clients seeing increase. Workers’ compensation pricing declined 1% in the quarter.

Insurance Pricing by Region

Other regional highlights in the first quarter included the following:

  • Insurance pricing in Asia increased 6% year-over-year, with property and financial and professional liability insurance pricing both rising 8%.
  • Continental Europe experienced an 8% increase in overall composite insurance pricing.
  • Overall pricing increased 10% in Latin America.
  • Insurance pricing increased 23% in the Pacific region, continuing an upward trend that began in 2015.

*All references to pricing are averages, unless otherwise noted.

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