Occupational Disease Claims Practice

Marsh's Occupational Disease Claims Practice recognises that disease claims present a real business risk and has developed unique, award-winning solutions.

Marsh recognises that occupational disease claims present a real business risk and can cause much uncertainty. Through the experience within our Occupational Disease Claims Practice and our development of unique, industry award-winning solutions, we are perfectly placed to meet the requirements of companies with potential disease liabilities; not only in relation to short-term benefits but in relation to lasting corporate solutions.

Critical questions to consider:

  • Have you had any occupational disease claims to date?
  • Do you have any historic employers’ liability insurance with an insolvent insurer?
  • Do you fully understand your legal liabilities in relation to each of your current / historic subsidiaries?
  • Do you have a complete understanding of your employers’ liability insurance going back to the 1960s?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of your potential future occupational disease claims?

Marsh’s approach examines insurance and corporate archaeology, undertakes comprehensive disease claims management, calculates the value of future expected disease claims, and assesses risk exit strategies. These phases can be taken in isolation or deployed as a complete solution.