Autonomous Vehicles: Change is Coming

The opportunities and regulatory, legal, risk and insurance implications of autonomous vehicles (AV) technologies.

Human error is the single largest cause of road accidents in the UK. Automated driving systems could prevent 47,000 serious accidents and potentially save 3,900 lives over the next 10 years. Like other innovations, AV technologies have the potential to change the way we live, disrupt existing business models and practices, and ultimately revolutionise how we move people and things. The opportunities are vast – but the risks, regulatory/legal issues, and associated liabilities cannot be ignored.

Download 'Marsh’s autonomous vehicles: change is coming' report to learn more about:

  • Subsectors, industry statistics, and the wider importance of AVs.
  • Some of the challenges faced by the AV sector. 
  • How the industry needs to work together to solve these complex challenges.
  • Risk and insurance implications of AVs. 
  • What steps are required for mass AV adoption and commercialisation.