The benefits of trade credit insurance for businesses

Our trade credit team can help businesses to manage their credit risk for providing services to businesses or trading in the UK and/or overseas.

Global trade has changed significantly due to the events of 2020. Now, more than ever, businesses should carefully consider the potential risk of customer insolvency or default.

Whether you are selling products or providing services to businesses, trading in the UK and/or overseas or have customers requesting, demanding, or expecting credit terms, our UK Trade Credit team can provide a wide range of trade finance solutions that can help you manage your receivables risk.

Four key benefits of trade credit insurance for businesses:

  • Protects from bad debts and their subsequent effects.
  • Enhances and supports working capital requirements.
  • Embeds credit management discipline.
  • Enables prudent growth.

If you have questions on the trade credit insurance, please contact your Marsh advisor.

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