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CoverCredit — Trade Credit Insurance for SMEs

CoverCredit offers a suite of trade credit risk management solutions for SME clients with an annual turnover of GBP10 million or less.

We have worked with Coface, a world-leading trade credit insurance group, to develop CoverCredit for Marsh’s SME clients with an annual turnover of GBP10 million or less.

What is CoverCredit?

CoverCredit can provide your business with a portfolio of trade credit risk management solutions, including credit insurance, credit assessment, and collections management. CoverCredit can help you to:

  • Grow your business, safe in the knowledge that you are covered should new or existing clients be unable to pay you due to financial difficulties.
  • Secure or increase funding by insuring one of your largest assets – your trade debtor book.
  • Achieve the quality of credit management processes normally enjoyed by larger businesses, by providing you with a framework to manage your credit accounts.

What are the benefits of CoverCredit?

Policy holders can benefit from utilising CoverCredit’s business intelligence and insurance protection, giving you confidence to expand your sales to new and existing customers and markets. It can also enable you to sell on open account terms, which can be a competitive advantage when exporting to overseas markets. The benefits include: 

  • Supporting growth from expanded sales and when trading in new markets. 
  • The possibility of accessing improved working capital finance using the security of the policy. 
  • Providing a safety net to trade with existing and new customers/markets. 
  • Transferring risk to your insurer. 
  • Providing peace of mind when trading on credit terms. 

There is all-inclusive debt collection support. This ensures that debts are paid, without causing you substantial time and effort.

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An enhanced credit insurance proposition for small to medium-size enterprises.