Benchmarking the Middle Eastern Energy Industry: Remaining Strong Despite Industry Wide Cost Cutting Measures

Despite a more challenging economic environment which has led to aggressive cost cutting in the industry, the Middle East has managed to maintain its position in the upper middle quartile overall.

Marsh’s latest benchmarking report explores key trends in safety and risk management in the region, which, by way of greater understanding, gives readers an opportunity to improve their own risk portfolios.

Key findings include:

  • The Middle East appears to have followed the downward global trends in risk quality, albeit at a rate on average of three times slower than its global peers.
  • Hardware continues to be a key strength despite a slowdown as a result of a more challenging economic environment.
  • Previously seen improvements to software (management) systems have slowed, as priorities shift away from safety and towards profitability.
  • Hardware features associated with emergency control remains a key strength of the region, with other areas in this category seeing improvements.

Explores key trends in safety and risk management in the region


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