White paper written in partnership with Reuters Events

Overcoming risks to enable an efficient US energy transition

The energy transition is rapidly accelerating, presenting new challenges for the renewable energy sector. Learn risk mitigation tactics to keep pace with this evolving landscape.

solar panels and wind turbines on summer landscape with mountains on background

The energy transition is rapidly accelerating, fueled by economic, technological, societal, regulatory, and investment forces. As the demand for renewable energy grows and efforts to decarbonize continue, the risk landscape is becoming more complex. Stakeholders in renewable energy projects need to take a comprehensive and critical review of their risk management plans, including their insurance needs, so they can keep pace with new developments, become more risk resilient, remain competitive, and achieve long-term project success.

Download our white paper, written in partnership with Reuters Events, to identify the main risks associated with the rapidly accelerating energy transition and learn ways to mitigate these obstacles. The white paper explores:

  • Unmitigated financing risks that can jeopardize project success.
  • Shifting natural catastrophe risk exposures for newer technologies.
  • Evolving insurance market risk appetites and pricing trends.
  • Tax credit considerations for renewable energy projects.
  • Project risks that vary by geography and technology.
  • Regulatory risks that may impact renewable energy development.
  • Workforce-related challenges in the renewable energy sector.