Why Insurers Care About Your ESG Story

Maintaining a cost-efficient and sustainable insurance program has never been more challenging for energy and power companies as we see capacity coming at a cost, particularly for those with carbon intensive exposures. Pressure from investors has been ramping up, while Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scrutiny is increasing.

To guide energy and power businesses in their risk management plans, members of Marsh’s Energy and Power Practice and Wood Mackenzie led a webcast on ESG messaging, why it’s important, and how to communicate your ESG approach to insurers. Among other topics, panelists discussed the risks ESG pressures have amplified, company sustainability profiles, and how ESG criteria can be used to evaluate a company’s potential risks.

Watch the replay to learn more about:

  • The importance of ESG messaging and considerations when crafting your message.
  • Evolving risks resulting from climate change and the Energy Transition.
  • How banks are assessing carbon intensity and climate risk in lending decisions.
  • How risk managers are responding to this evolving landscape.
  • Implications for asset and coverage portfolios.