Marsh's Prime Habitational Casualty Insurance Program

Marsh’s Prime can help risk professionals obtain competitive coverage, terms, and pricing for habitational risks.

Multifamily housing is in high demand, with rents typically rising moderately and vacancy rates low in most areas. As the sector continues to grow, property owners and managers need to keep protect their investments. Insurance coverage can transfer  liability risks on their properties, such as slips and falls by tenants, their guests, and others; crime; environmental hazards; maintenance and other contractors on the property; and aggressive animals.  

Customized Casualty Insurance

Marsh’s Prime Habitational Casualty Insurance Program provides a comprehensive solution, with a number of policy enhancements including first-dollar coverage, separate aggregate limits per location, and enhanced environmental/pollution coverage.

In the growing multifamily sector, organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their risk and improve their bottom line. Marsh’s Prime Habitational Casualty Insurance Program is a customized casualty insurance solution, designed to provide capacity tailored to manage your risks.

Marsh's Prime Details

Marsh’s Prime can help risk professionals obtain competitive coverage, terms, and pricing for habitational risks. With coverage capacity provided by the strength of Sompo International — S&P rated A and A.M. Best rated A+ — Marsh’s Prime is well placed to deliver habitational risk solutions. Product details include:


  • $1 million each occurrence/$2 million general aggregate.
  • $1 million any one person or organization — personal and advertising injury.
  • $100,000 any one premises — damage to premises rented to you (fire damage liability).
  • $1 million employee benefits — each employee (claims made)/$1 million aggregate:
  • $1,000 deductible.
  • $250,000 garage keeper legal liability (increased limits available if needed).
  • $1 million hired/non-owned automobile liability (standalone auto available if needed).
  • $1 million/$1 million pesticide and herbicide (per-location aggregate will not apply).

Coverages include:

  • Guaranteed cost — first-dollar coverage.
  • Admitted paper (where available).
  • Uncapped per-location aggregate limit.
  • Broad form named insured wording, including any organization of the named insured that either directly or indirectly has majority control, exercises management or financial control, or is obligated by written contract to provide insurance.
  • Real estate development exclusion with carve-back provisions for renovation and maintenance, as well as projects less than $10 million in total construction cost, subject to acceptable underwriting information.
  • Affirmative grant of coverage for biological agents to include mold and legionella for bodily injury only.  Subject to $10,000 to $25,000 retention, depending on size of risk.
  • Blanket additional insured.
  • Cancellation notice (60 days) to third party.
  • Primary and noncontributory — other insurance condition.

General program parameters:

  • Minimum premium is $250,000.
  • Preference to write all three primary lines of casualty — general liability, workers’ compensation, and auto.
  • Rates and premiums will be developed for each account based on individual risk characteristics.

Critical submission requirements:

  • SOV with underwriting information (COPE) including life safety information.
  • Sample copies of lease agreements with tenants.
  • Sample copies of property management agreements if third-party managers are used.
  • Sample copies of third party-vendor agreements (such as janitorial, landscaping, snow removal, and construction).
  • Five years of carrier loss runs and five years of historic exposures.
  • For workers’ compensation, number of employees by location and current experience mods.

Staying competitive in the dynamic world of habitational real estate requires a thorough understanding of risk and insurance trends affecting the industry. By understanding the difficult nature of owning and managing multifamily properties, Marsh can deliver a comprehensive solution for your habitational casualty risks.

Who It’s For

Habitational risk professionals, including:

  • Owners and managers of multifamily properties and single family portfolios.
  • Owners of managed real estate portfolios.
  • Real estate investors.

What You Get

Dedicated coverage and capacity for each policyholder for habitational property risks, backed by the strength of Endurance Global Risk Solutions.

Why Marsh? A Leader in Real Estate

Marsh’s Real Estate Practice serves risk professionals and property owners and managers in all sectors of the industry. With experience spanning conventional apartment communities, affordable housing, distressed properties, and new construction lease-ups, Marsh has the experience, people, and resources to help maximize organizations’ real estate value.

Marah places more insurance premium for real estate entities than any other insurance broker and provide clients with the solutions to effectively navigate the evolving nature of real estate risks and exposures. Marsh’s exclusive Prime program, offers a competitive risk transfer option for difficult-to-place risks.