Prime Residential Tenant Insurance: Protection for Tenants and Multifamily Real Estate

Marsh’s Prime Residential Tenant Solutions provide tenants the opportunity to purchase products that comply with their leasing requirements, protect their financial wellbeing, and strengthen their relationships with property owners and/or operators.

Tenant non-compliance with insurance requirements poses a significant financial risk to both real estate companies and tenants of multifamily properties. Additionally, managing tenants’ insurance compliance is a time-consuming task.

Marsh’s Prime Residential Tenant Solutions can help multifamily owners and operators ensure that their tenants have the right coverage. The customized suite of risk transfer solutions allows your tenants to purchase insurance products that comply with your leasing requirements through a simple digital experience that is typically connected to the property owner’s existing webpage.

This customizable offering makes it easy to manage your insurance compliance requirements. The flexible solution allows tenants to choose to purchase the coverage that fits their needs — and meets your leasing requirements — directly from the portal. Multifamily property owners can reap benefits from offering a single program to all tenants, making administrative tasks easier and less time-consuming and can provide additional funds through a revenue-sharing agreement.

“Tenants often think that their landlord’s insurance coverage will protect them and their possessions from critical risk. The truth is that tenants need renters insurance  as much as multifamily property owners need coverage of their own.” – Marc Reisner, Multifamily Center of Excellence Leader

Save time, earn money

Marsh’s Prime Residential Tenant Solutions provides your tenants with products that are compliant with your rental agreements, helping to simplify the overall program. Popular offerings that you may choose for your program include:

  • Renters insurance (HO4).
  • Tenant legal liability.
  • Security deposit replacement.
  • Rent guarantee.

You and your tenants receive ongoing support

Your dedicated Marsh team will provide you with:

  • Customized program set-up.
  • Comprehensive program management.
  • Tenant communications.
  • Automated insurance verification processes and monitoring.

Your tenants can expect:

  • Easy online purchase.
  • Professional customer service.
  • Timely responses to inquiries.
  • Guidance during claims.

To learn more about Marsh’s Prime Residential Tenant Solutions, contact your Marsh representative today.