Business Resiliency Planning Guide for Retail, Food & Beverage Companies

Learn how retail, food and beverage companies can remain resilient through effective planning in the face of unexpected events from a global pandemic to natural disasters, civil unrest and more.

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According to Marsh’s Risk Resilience Report, only one in four companies are evaluating or modeling the impact of emerging risks. The events of 2020 reinforced the need for organizations to prepare for an array of potential disruptions from cyber to a global pandemic.

Marsh is pleased to present you with this complimentary planning guide that addresses the 5 key resiliency pain points our retail, food, and beverage clients say they face, namely:

  1. pandemic
  2. cyber
  3. supply chain
  4. business interruption
  5. crisis management

Resilience Planning Guide

Strengthening Retail, Food, and Beverage Companies

A business resiliency planning guide for retail/wholesale food and beverage companies