Protecting Your Drivers Against Today's Emerging Risks

Today's risk environment is significantly affecting communities across the nation. Ensuring that your organization, including your motor vehicle drivers are fully prepared at all times can be a confusing and daunting task.  It is vital for not only your drivers but also your entire organization to understand how they can prepare in order to understand what to do if confronted with an emergency or crisis situation.  

Marsh held a webcast to assist you with an overview of civil unrest and the role of both your organization and drivers. The discussion provided an update on:

  • Emerging risks affecting our transit and supply chain operations and the drivers who service them.
  • Insurance coverage concerns.
  • Discuss how organizations should consider overall resilience when preparing and responding to a crisis including events of civil unrest. 

Being prepared ahead time will help your organization long term.  Having a plan in place can help you handle a crisis, protect your people and assets, and more quickly resume normal business operations.


  • Craig Dancer, Managing Director, Marsh Transportation Practice Leader
  • Renata Elias, Senior Consultant, Marsh Risk Consulting Strategic Risk Practice
  • Rich Bleser, SVP, Marsh Risk Consulting Fleet Specialty Practice Leader
  • Rick Cates, VP, Marsh Risk Consulting Fleet Specialty Practice

Watch the replay to learn more.