Greenhouse insurance

To address the risks unique to greenhouse spaces, Marsh has teamed up with a leading Dutch horticultural insurer to offer a range of services to greenhouse businesses.

Canadian growers can now access sophisticated greenhouse expertise and technical support that was previously unavailable in this market. Key program highlights include:

  • Covers for loss of crop even without physical loss of greenhouse or equipment.
  • Covers reduced crop yield due to improper functioning of equipment (e.g. boiler, computer, etc.) without physical loss or damage to the property.
  • Covers up to 30% increased value of crops at time of loss.
  • Earthquake deductible percentage is calculated over the actual loss amount rather than over the sum insured.
  • Covers the cost to growers of any previous event to existing crops/produce that may have an extended effect on the replanted/new crops/produce many months later.
  • Business interruption extends beyond the immediate loss of crops/produce.

The program insurer, Netherlands-based Hagelunie, works in close cooperation with greenhouse systems companies and suppliers and is closely involved in innovations and developments in greenhouse horticulture. Through site visits and a focus on risk management, Hagelunie’s core commitment is to provide greenhouse and horticulture companies with optimum advice and support with a view to ensuring the continuity of their business operations.

Marsh understands that staying competitive in the dynamic world of agri and horticulture requires a risk management advisor with a sophisticated understanding of your business and its challenges.