Cargo insurance management solution designed to handle the cargo insurance requirements for high volumes of small parcel shipments, primarily by courier.

ParcelCover is a web-based cargo insurance management solution designed to handle the administration of cargo insurance on high volumes of small parcel shipments.

Through batch processing and/or real time integrations with existing point of sale solutions, ParcelCover provides clients who coordinate courier shipments a highly efficient method of validating coverage and insurance pricing on both individual and enterprise level small parcel transactions. Highly effective for on-line retailers, courier consolidators, and other small parcel solution providers who want to integrate a cargo insurance offering into their shipping process.

Unlike the cargo liability insurance offered by couriers, ParcelCover provides a door to door solution, regardless of what carrier had possession of the package at the time of loss, and the received only needs to show that the package was damaged, not that that carrier was liable for the damage.

Claims handling is managed through an integrated on-line process, designed to be scalable and effective for high volumes of lower dollar value losses.