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ParcelCover offers logistics providers efficient digital parcel shipping insurance and claims administration, enabling better risk management.


An all-in-one digital parcel insurance solution for high volume shippers and e-commerce vendors.


No minimum volume requirements, simply pay for the coverage you use.


Enjoy a streamlined parcel insurance and claim experience that’s driven by speed, efficiency, and transparency.

The logistics industry is in a period of rapid change. Client demands, digital technology and intense global competition require logistics and transportation companies to reimagine how they engage with clients.

ParcelCover provides logistics, transportation and e-commerce platform companies with a scalable, leading edge, and customer-centric parcel and shipping insurance solution with 24/7 access to competitive rates.

Parcel and shipping insurance is designed to provide protection against all risks of physical loss or damage, from any external cause, to goods while in the course of transit. The cargo owner has a vested interest in the shipment arriving safely. Loss or damage caused in transit has the potential to impose great financial loss on a cargo owner. One of the best means to help your client protect their financial interest is to offer direct damage cargo insurance.

ParcelCover highlights

  • Free and easy registration: ParcelCover is a no-risk proposition. Get started today to obtain instant rates with no obligation or minimum volume requirements.
  • Competitive rates: Through key partnerships and a streamlined process, ParcelCover offers parcel shipping insurance coverage at exceptionally competitive rates. You also benefit from no minimum annual premiums — simply pay for the coverage you use.
  • Issuing certificates: Secure electronic certificates are printable and can be downloaded, saved, or sent to your customers.
  • Customer support: Technical support is available 24/7, plus specialized broker support is available during regular business hours.
  • Convenient claims management: ParcelCover has integrated with one of the leading marine and transit claims specialists, providing real-time claims reporting and monitoring, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of the entire claims process.

Why Marsh

The management of parcel insurance for a large volume of shipments, shippers, or merchants can be an intensive and error-prone process. As the industry’s leading digital parcel shipping insurance solution, ParcelCover can help streamline this critical task at every stage.

The team at Marsh has a long history of providing transportation insurance and risk management consulting services to the logistics industry. As companies continue to adapt to changing client demands, disruptive technologies, and intense competition, Marsh can help you better address existing and emerging risks to position your company for long-term success.

Find out how offering a digital parcel and shipping insurance solution like ParcelCover can protect you and your clients.