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Insurance and Risk Management Solutions for Senior Care Providers in Canada

When caring for seniors, risk is everywhere. Senior Care providers face an ever-evolving array of issues that threaten sustainable funding and their ability to provide quality resident care, and that challenge their professional reputation. Cost containment, recruiting pressures, regulatory mandates, and complex litigation often keep senior care providers from exploring ways to provide safe resident care while reducing cost and driving efficiencies.

Dedicated Senior Care Industry Advisors

With continual changes taking place in the senior care and health care arenas, every day there are new risks that need to be identified, quantified, managed, and either retained or transferred.

For more than 35 years, Marsh Canada has been a leading provider of insurance brokerage and risk management services to many of Canada’s for-profit and not-for-profit senior care operators. Dedicated Marsh specialists in insurance broking and placement, risk management and loss control, claims and litigation management deliver innovative solutions to help our clients avoid, mitigate, and transfer risk.

Unique Solutions for Senior Care Clients

Insurance Broking and Placement – Our experience in this industry has led to the development of a very broad insurance program designed exclusively for senior care facilities. The program covers property insurance, professional and general liability insurance, crime insurance, as well as boiler, machinery, and equipment breakdown insurance. We do offer insurance premium financing to those who qualify.

Risk Management Services – Guidance and advice focused on the objective of prevention, early identification, and management of incidents which might give rise to claims. This includes the complementation of a system to assist in reducing the frequency and severity of each circumstance and may include:

  • Risk Management/Quality Management Surveys.
  • Educational Seminars.
  • Occurrence Reporting.
  • Risk Management Bulletins and Advice.

More Than 30 Health Care Professionals From our 13 Offices Across Canada

Risk Diagnostic Technology - The Senior Care RiskGap™ is a web-based diagnostic tool which can help clients to prioritize and strategize their risk management approach to mitigate risk. The tool assesses risk levels in 17 different areas, and our consultants, using the results of the risk diagnostic, can assist clients in implementing performance improvements necessary to achieve organizational goals.

Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment – Progressive organizations recognize that a productive and healthy workforce drives efficiency, effectiveness, and financial performance. Our Workforce Strategies Practice is pleased to provide customized programs encompassing both the direct and indirect costs of worker injury and absence. Not only can we help you to create new efficiencies and return on investment, but with more than 30 years of Canadian workers’ compensation claims management experience, we offer unprecedented Canadian workers’ compensation claims data and a truly integrated, customized approach.

Diverse Client Base

Our team of more than 30 health care professionals (with six dedicated senior care professionals) support hundreds of senior care providers from our 13 offices across Canada. These specialists provide advisory and transactional services to various senior care facilities including:

  • Senior care clinics.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Long-term care facilities.
  • Retirement homes.
  • Personal support workers.


Why Marsh?

Marsh has the resources to deliver state-of-the-art risk financing and risk management tools and solutions to senior care facilities and providers from coast to coast. We can help your organization successfully face risk and achieve your goals while reducing the total cost of risk.

In addition to the extensive expertise offered by Marsh, clients also have access to the resources of our sister operating companies — Guy Carpenter, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman — all of whom can provide a wide range of services in security, employee and resident background screening, human resources, employee benefits, actuarial analysis, reinsurance, and financial risk management.