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When faced with fire: a podcast series

In the past decade, we have seen a dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of wildfires, mostly due to climate change.

Especially in the West, Canadians have grown accustomed to fires making headlines every summer and having to plan their vacations around them. Even so, the damage caused by 2023’s record-breaking wildfire season has left many feeling anxious about the possibility of a new normal.

In this three-part podcast series, we explore Canada’s growing wildfire risk from multiple angles, featuring insights from several Marsh subject matter experts. You will learn the impacts climate change will likely continue to have on wildfire frequency and severity, as well as mitigation techniques to protect your organization, ways to improve your business resilience, and strategies to minimize wildfire-associated disruptions.

Although this podcast series was recorded during the 2023 wildfire season, we believe the advice from our experts will ring true for years to come.

More resources

The Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (CWFIS) gives you insight into when and how a wildfire may be approaching your site by providing daily fire weather and fire behavior maps year-round.

FireSmart™ Canada helps you lessen your wildfire risk by offering resources that address common concerns about wildfire in the wildland urban interface.

FM Global provides reports and data sheets that can help you protect and prepare yourself against wildfire risk with recommendations on how to mitigate your exposure.

Although the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standards for wildland fire management are not publicly available, NFPA’s wildfire division offers many free resources, such as fact sheets and online trainings, which can help you reduce your risks of damage and loss due to wildfire.

In 2022, The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) released a report calling for a new risk mitigation and wildfire management strategy recognizing that we can minimize the risk of extreme wildfires by being better prepared and building back better in their aftermath. By employing its 5Rs framework, organizations can better develop a holistic wildfire response plan.

About our speakers

George Fan

George Fan

Vice President, Senior Risk Consultant, Marsh Advisory

George Fan is a professional engineer and a senior risk consultant for Marsh Advisory Canada, where he is the lead consultant for natural catastrophe and climate risks. He has over eight years of experience in property loss prevention and flood resilience. To gain further expertise on these topics, George is currently pursuing a master’s degree in climate risk in his spare time.

Ritch Seeley

Ritch Seeley

C.E.T. Managing Director, Consulting Solutions, Marsh Advisory

Ritch is Marsh Advisory Canada’s western region practice leader, where he assists clients in developing customized risk management frameworks that facilitate the identification, assessment, and prioritization of critical property and operational risks. He has over 25 years of risk consulting experience, and he has written thought leadership papers and presented risk management workshops on a wide range of risk topics such as principles of risk management, risk identification techniques, managing contractors, and understanding fire suppression systems.

Mirsada Jakupovic

Mirsada Jakupovic

Senior Vice President, Global Placement Leader

Mirsada is Marsh’s Vancouver placement leader, and has over 18 years of insurance industry experience. She is accountable for leading a team of experienced brokers operating across different segments, industries and product lines. Utilizing her risk expertise, global portfolio experience, and deep understanding of industry challenges, she drives the development and implementation of placement strategies to provide solutions that meet diverse and complex client needs.

Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

Senior Vice President, Business Continuity Management, Marsh Advisory

Kevin Gordon is a senior vice president with Marsh Advisory, specializing in business continuity and managing business interruption risks. In this role, he supports clients with identifying risks to operations and developing business continuity capabilities to help ensure and demonstrate the resilience of their organizations. An expert in the field for over 12 years, Kevin has championed the development of a lean business continuity approach that focuses on efficient processes, provides effective tools to manage business interruption risks, and delivers increased value to clients.

Matthew Zuccato

Matthew Zuccato

Senior Vice President and National Practice Leader, Alternative Risk Solutions

Matthew is the national practice leader of alternative risk solutions for Marsh Canada. His current role involves assisting clients in understanding and evaluating risk financing solutions to enhance or supplement current insurance structures, and presenting risk financing options and concepts related to alternative capital, such as captive insurance companies. Matt has developed broad knowledge of risk financing alternatives and solutions, analyzing various risks and spanning diverse industries including but not limited to retail, public entity, energy, utility, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and real estate.