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Affinity and Sponsored Programs

Alzheimer Society Insurance Program

The Shared Services of the Alzheimer Society of Ontario is pleased to provide access to a comprehensive insurance program designed exclusively for community-based, not-for-profit organizations — brokered by Marsh Canada Limited. Alzheimer Societies across Canada can benefit directly from Marsh Canada’s extensive risk management experience and the availability of a program to help cover the insurance needs of not-for-profit organizations. It is Marsh Canada’s understanding of your organization’s specific risk needs that sets the Alzheimer Society Insurance Program apart from other coverage offerings. Please contact your Marsh Canada licensed insurance broker for your no-obligation quote.


With numerous Societies currently participating in the plan, considerable buying power is generated by the group insurance program. This group arrangement, in tandem with strong insurance company relationships, has resulted in a program that helps ensure the long-term availability of a competitively priced, broad-form source of insurance protection.

Alzheimer Society Insurance Program group participants also benefit from the ability to spread losses, so they are considered as part of the group loss experience. This helps ensure that no individual loss needlessly drives up the cost of a single agency’s policy. Note that each participating organization has their own policy limits, these limits are not shared.

The program professional liability (malpractice) insurer, Aviva Canada Inc., has been providing coverage to hospitals, healthcare organizations, long-term care, retirement facilities, and not-for-profit organizations for more than 35 years. They remain committed to working with our clients to help control costs.

Great American Insurance is the insurer for the group program’s Directors and Officers Liability insurance which includes a broad coverage extension for Cyber Risks. Great American has been a leading insurer for not-for-profit organizations in Canada for over a decade.

Coverage Highlights
  • Robust comprehensive program, combining several lines of coverages into one single program.
  • Abuse coverage is included to the full policy limit (occurrence form) subject to insurer conditions.
  • The broad definition of insured includes directors or executive officers, all employees, volunteers, and assistants working under the direction of your agency, medical professionals such as nurses, social workers, and personal support workers (PSWs).
  • Cyber Risk coverage including legal defense coverage.
Coverage Details

Property Insurance

Subject to specific exclusions and limitations, the policy insures against all risks of direct physical loss or damage including flood and earthquake. For complete details of any and all applicable exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.

  • Property Insured - Property of every description which the insured owns, leases or occupies, or for which the insured is legally liable, or has assumed the responsibility to insure, anywhere in Canada.
  • Basis of Loss Settlement - Replacement cost unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Stated Amount Co-Insurance Clause
  • Extra Expense - $250,000 any one occurrence, no monthly limit.
  • Automatic Acquisition Clause - This policy automatically covers all acquired and/or transferred property for a limit of not more than $1,000,000 provided notice of such acquisition/transfer shall be filed with the insurer(s) or Marsh Canada Limited, within 90 days of acquisition/transfer.
  • Standard Policy Deductibles (Unless Otherwise Amended):
    • Flood deductible - $25,000.
    • Earthquake deductible - $100,000 minimum or 5% of the total values at the location, whichever is greater.
    • All Other Perils deductible - $1,000.
    • Auditors Fees/Professional Fees - Limit of $25,000.
    • Valuable Papers - Subject to a limit of $100,000 any one occurrence.

Professional and General Liability Insurance

Subject to specific exclusions and limitations:

  • Occurrence form malpractice liability.
  • Property damage occurrence form.
    • Broad definition of bodily injury including: False arrest, malicious prosecution, or wrongful detention or imprisonment.
    • Libel, slander, or defamation of character.
    • Invasion or violation of privacy, invasion or violation of the right of privacy, wrongful eviction, or wrongful entry.
    • Mental anguish, injury, shock, humiliation, disease, sickness, or disability.
    • Discrimination, except where void by law.
    • Failure or refusal to appoint an applicant for membership on the medical staff, or to reappoint or to grant or suspend privileges to a member thereof.
    • Acts or omissions of any individual as a member of a formal accreditation or similar professional board or committee.
    • Tenants legal liability.
    • Voluntary compensation.
    • Non-owned third party liability automobile insurance.
    • Legal liability for damage to non-owned vehicles (sublimit per accident).
    • Employee benefits program errors and omissions insurance subject to a per claim and aggregate sublimit.
    • 90 days notice of cancellation by the insurer except for non-payment of premium.
    • Sudden and accidental pollution liability subject to sublimit and specific terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions as set out in the policy wording.
    • Cross liability clause.
    • Automatic coverage for volunteers and subsidiaries.
    • Covers suits brought within Canada.
    • Agents of the insured having care, custody, or control of the property or operations of the insured.
    • Co-owners of property or partners in the operations of the insured.
    • The owner or general lessee of land leased to the insured under a long term contract upon which buildings have been erected by the insured.
    • The husband, wife, or minor children of an insured.
    • All employees of the insured including, but not limited to doctors, interns, assistant residents, residents, clinical assistants, nurses, and technicians.
    • All volunteer workers and assistants.
    • Persons working under a bursary.
    • Trustees or members of boards of governors.

Crime Insurance

Subject to specific exclusions and limitations:

  • Employee dishonesty commercial blanket coverage.
  • Loss inside the premises coverage.
  • Loss outside the premises coverage.
  • Money orders and counterfeit paper currency coverage.
  • Depositors forgery coverage.
  • Third party computer fraud and funds transfer fraud.
  • NIL Deductible.

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Subject to specific exclusions and limitations:

  • Property Damage Coverage - Extended comprehensive form, covering a sudden and accidental breakdown of all boilers, pressure vessels, mechanical and electrical machinery, and apparatus including product machines.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

  • NIL Deductible.
  • Broad Employment Practices Liability coverage including liability arising from internet, email including failure to provide adequate policies.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Costs (Canadian exposure only) Investigation Cost $50,000.
  • Public Relations Costs $100,000.
  • Assets and Liberty Costs  $50,000.
  • Civil Fines and Civil Penalties $50,000.
  • Inquiry Costs $250,000.
  • Includes defense costs for Insured Persons arising from alleged violations of Section 217.1 of the Criminal Code, as amended by Bill C-45.

Cyber Risk

  • $100,000 minimum limit (or higher limit currently purchased). Subject to $1,000 deductible.
  • Includes coverage for:
    • Legal Fees incurred in response to a privacy loss regulatory action investigation
    • Fines and Penalties the organization is required to pay resulting from a regulatory action (as permitted by law).
    • A fund to provide compensation to individuals as required by a regulatory action.

Travel Accident Insurance and Automobile Insurance

  • Available if required.

Information on this web page represents a synopsis of coverage and is provided as a reference only. The actual policy, including endorsements determines coverage. It contains exclusions, limitations and other provisions not referenced (or only briefly summarized) here and the policy should be consulted for full coverage terms, conditions and requirements. Deductibles may apply.  For exact terms, definitions, limitations, and exclusions, please speak with your licensed Marsh Canada Limited insurance broker, or refer to the policy wording.