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Affinity and Sponsored Programs

Ontario Tennis Association Insurance Program

As a tennis club you need to ensure that all aspects of your club’s operations are covered—from coverage on the facility to liability coverage for the club’s directors.

Marsh Canada Limited is the endorsed insurance broker of the Ontario Tennis Association, providing a low-cost and comprehensive insurance program for member clubs, featuring property coverage, commercial general liability (including optional abuse), and directors and officers coverage.

Program Benefits

  • The OTA Insurance Program provides coverage which is tailored to your specific risks and is underwritten by an insurance company that specializes in this class of business.
  • Several coverage and limit options are available at competitive pricing, allowing clubs to customize coverage to suit their needs. Options available include coverages for property, commercial general liability, abuse, and directors and officers liability. Additional coverage options for boiler and machinery and for bona fide OTA Associate Member Tennis Professionals are also available through the program.
  • Group buying power helps ensure competitive rates from insurance companies, thereby helping to reduce your costs.
  • The OTA Insurance Program participants have access to a national, dedicated claims management team with technical expertise and who will advocate on your behalf should the need ever arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all liability coverages the same?

A: No they are not. As a tennis club you need to ensure that all aspects of potential liabilities are covered. In addition to liabilities arising out of improper maintenance to the facility, coverage should include participant to participant liability, abuse liability, spectator liability, as well as volunteer liability.

Q: Are there other liabilities apart from injury or property damage that we could be exposed to?

A: Yes. As a director of officer of a club, you may be sued for actual or alleged errors or omissions while performing your duties as officials of the organization. Directors and officers liability insurance provides coverage for sums the organization, directors, and officers become legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of a wrongful act (e.g. wrongful dismissal, harassment, and other employer liabilities).

Q: Are there limitations on how much the policy will pay out in the event of a claim?

A: Yes. Sometimes liability policies will limit the amount payable over the course of the year by imposing an annual aggregate. For example, if your policy stipulates an annual aggregate of $1,000,000 it means that is the most the policy will pay regardless of the number of claims you have over the policy year.

Q: Is abuse coverage necessary to have?

A: While there is no law or legislation in place that currently requires you to have abuse coverage, any organization whose activities involves minors is strongly encouraged to carry this type of insurance.

Q: What is boiler and machinery coverage and why would a tennis cub need to carry this?

A: Boiler and machinery coverage provides protection to your club when the machinery and equipment at the club breaks down. For example, if an air discharge unit suffers a breakdown and the tennis bubble collapses, it would typically be the boiler and machinery coverage that would respond.

The OTA Insurance Program is brokered by Marsh Canada Limited and underwritten by Sutton Sports Cover, a global leader in providing sports insurance solutions with all its policies being backed by A+ rated securities at Lloyd’s of London.