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Shippers Interest | Cargo Insurance – eCommerce Solutions

Are you on the right Digital Roadmap?

Download the Marsh Research on Digital Cargo Insurance eCommerce Solutions. 

Don’t Be Left Out. Digital Solutions Leading the Way.

Online shopping has gone from being non-existent to a multibillion-dollar platform. Online shopping and buying is not a trend, it “IS” the way the world works. One of the main reasons why online shopping has grown so rapidly over the past decade is because businesses are able to provide an experience to the customers that is more efficient and timely thereby surpassing shopping in person. Being able to provide all your products online is much more affordable than having everything in person, while also being able to add new features, services and products is quick and easy and well received by buyers.

Marsh can help you connect the dots by integrating a variety of digital insurance product offerings into your on-line ecommerce platform. These added value products will act as a one-stop shop for your ecommerce customers as they move through the check-out process.

Digital Cargo Insurance by Marsh

Marsh has over 20 years of experience in digital cargo insurance and we can help you design unique solutions to achieve different objectives, and can work with both traditional insurance markets, alternative risk solutions and/or captives.  We enhance this core offering with an integrated claims management solution, ensuring that the customer experience both with respect to arranging cover and settling claims is handled efficiently. Additional coverages that can be offered, depending on your objectives, include Delay or Additional Expense covers, Warranty Products, Products Liability, Trade Credit solutions and Cyber solutions.

: The circle graphic lists and describes in detail the individual components, that form part of the digital cargo insurance environment.   1.	Policy Administration entails:   •	Coverage Confirmation •	Exposure Management •	Invoicing •	Sanction Screening •	Documentation — Policy & Certificates  2.	Claim Administration entails:  •	Incident Validation •	Surveys •	Adjustment/Settlement •	Reporting •	Subrogation  3.	Analytics/Visibility entails of:  •	Supply Chain Visibility •	Actionable Insights •	Predictive Analytics •	Behaviour-based Analytics  4.	Digital Shipping Data  •	Shipping Data Standardization •	eBOL (AWB) Receipt •	Multi-party Communication  The before mentioned components are made available to third parties such as Customers and Shippers via Marsh Bluestream or API making available:   Input Shipment Data Capture/Reporting including: •	Bills of lading •	Warehousing/storage •	Insured value/limit  And Output Reporting Tool such as:  •	Coverage confirmation •	Integration with Smart Contracts /Blockchain/Letter of Credit •	Premium spend overview •	Claims performance overview •	Program benchmarking •	Risk control opportunities