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Workforce strategies

Marsh Risk Consulting’s Workforce Strategies Practice brings experienced and credentialed consultants to the table to assist organizations with risk management, workers’ compensation cost containment, disability and workplace safety challenges.

Human Capital Risk

We work with you to appraise your current position, apply our proprietary risk gap analysis, and design a program to meet your needs and lessen your risk. We work with expert parties in various industries to provide you with superior services, support, and documentation.

Canadian Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation claims and return to work management is a specialty that requires our level of experience, expertise and network connections to be truly effective.

We manage all customer relationships with professional experts in workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety services, with track records of achieving mutually beneficial outcomes to minimize workplace injury costs.  We can assist in setting a comprehensive strategy to improve workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety issues, or provide consultation on a single claim resolution. The investment made in partnering with Windley Ely is returned in money saved on workers’ compensation premiums and penalties.

Disability Management

Marsh Risk Consulting Workforce Optimization program is not only designed to reduce those variances but also ensure the resiliency of the organization’s most critical asset – their human capital.

Marsh & McLennan Companies Workforce Optimization Program provides a full service offering that goes beyond traditional programs that focus on administration. Our full service offering addresses Disability Management from a strategic, operational and finance perspective with the application of evidence based tools that mitigate and reduce not just the duration of claims related to illness, injury and absence, but also the volume.

Third-Party Credentialing

Counterparty documents and attestations are the Proofs and Protections our clients require each day to mitigate the risks associated with their counterparty interactions. If not managed pro-actively, the risks associated with contractors, tenants, and other third-parties, can lead to costly litigation, reputational damage, delays in mission-critical initiatives, and lost revenues.

Make sure you’re vigilant in managing counterparty risk through MRC’s new Credentialing Risk Management Program.  No matter the size or complexity, our turnkey approach will assess a client’s unique risk profile, provide customized technology, and manage the entirety of its credentialing lifecycle.