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2024 Global Technology Industry Risk Study: The Velocity of Risk

Understand how the reset in the technology industry with global economic challenges is shifting perspectives on risk management in our latest edition of Marsh’s Global Technology Industry Risk Study: The Velocity of Risk.

In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, The Velocity of Risk offers a crucial deep dive into the accelerating challenges and opportunities facing risk managers today.

With insights gathered from over 200 tech companies across 16 countries, this study is your compass in the storm of economic uncertainties, regulatory complexities, and the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI).

Highlights include:

Download the full report for a deeper dive into the global technology industry risks, including an analysis of:

  • Increasing catastrophic technology risks – especially ransomware attacks.
  • How catastrophic risks are being discussed at technology companies.
  • Respondents’ dissatisfaction with current insurance solutions for addressing key risks.
  • Increasing insurance costs for technology companies.
  • Steps technology companies are taking to the tough insurance market.

Risk categories of greatest concern to businesses


Technology risks

1. Data security and privacy: 74%
2. Digital business interruption: 57%
3. Technology errors and omissions: 53%
4. AI usage or oversight error: 52%
5. AI design failure: 52%


Businesses risks

1. Reputational risk: 58%
2. Regulatory compliance: 58%
3. Employee retention: 51%
4. Intellectual property protection: 48%
5. Intellectual property infringement: 47%


Physical risks

1. Employee safety: 50%
2. Business interruption from physical damage: 40%
3. Bodily injury or property damage to others: 39%
4. Environmental liability: 37%
5. Damage to owned property: 37%

Among these, data security and privacy, regulatory compliance, AI design failure and AI usage or oversight error stand out as the four risks that are both highly concerning today and likely to be growing concerns for most companies over the next few years.

Rising risk concerns

Learn about the escalating concerns over data security, privacy, and the evolving risks associated with AI development and adoption.

Rise of AI creates new risk concerns

As this complex constellation of organizations, risk stakeholders, and growth strategies continues to evolve — for instance, through the increasing usage of AI technologies — tech companies will continue to face an increasing velocity of risk.

How companies are investing in/leveraging AI

81% investing in or leveraging AI in one or more ways

*Note: 3% selecting "prefer not to say" not shown in chart

AI risk concerns among those using vs. not using AI


Strategic risk management

Gain insights into innovative risk management strategies being employed to navigate through economic pressures and insurance market challenges.


As the technology sector stands at a crossroads, seeking innovative solutions to navigate these turbulent times, this study arms you with the knowledge and foresight needed to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience. Whether you're a CEO, risk manager, or tech enthusiast, the insights shared in this study are invaluable for fortifying your risk management strategies and building trust with key stakeholders.


Global Technology Industry Risk Study 2024

Dive into the Global Technology Industry Risk Study 2024 today and equip yourself for the future of tech.

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