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2022 Manufacturing & Automotive Industry Summit Replay

On September 21, Marsh McLennan and industry experts met for the annual 2022 Virtual Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Summit. They discussed how to make risk a business enablement tool to drive growth by focusing on: Risk, Strategies and People.

2022 Manufacturing & Automotive Industry Summit Slides

As macroeconomic conditions continue to wane under prolonged disruptive forces such as supply chain, geopolitical unrest and labor constraints, the manufacturing and automotive sectors seek to take advantage of new growth opportunities through a combination of climate and sustainability strategies supported through an Environmental, Social and Governances (ESG) framework. However, the question remains, “How can manufacturing and automotive companies thrive in this era of constantly evolving risks?”

On September 21, Marsh McLennan and industry experts met for our annual 2022 Virtual Manufacturing & Automotive Industry Summit where we discussed how to make risk a business enablement tool to drive growth by focusing on: Risk, Strategy and People. Attendees learned how successful organizations are approaching ESG and climate related risks to build sustainability and resiliency into the future of their businesses.

Above is a replay of the webinar, below is the agenda. We hope you find this information valuable.


  • Opening - David T. Carlson, Managing Director, US Automotive and Manufacturing Industry Practice Leader Chair, Marsh.
  • Welcome remarks - Amy Barnes, Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy at Marsh on how fostering ESG and climate and sustainability will help organizations not only survive but thrive in this era of rapid transformation.
  • 3 Industry fireside chats
    • Oliver Wyman - Daniel Kronenwett, Partner and leader of Oliver Wyman’s climate and sustainability activities in the industrial sector, discussed sustainability in the industrial sector with Dieter Vollkommer, SVP of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility at Siemens Energy.
    • Marsh - Paul Brock, Vice-President & Treasurer of Magna International discused how MAGNA’s operating and financial profile responded to the economic uncertainty that happened at the start of the pandemic in early 2020 and prolonged impacts of global industry risks. A prime example of Business Resiliency in the face of global challenges including political, climate and other key issues impacting companies today.
    • Mercer - Mark Valerius, VP Global Total Rewards for Stellantis and Michael Ponicall, Managing Partner for Mercer discussed the total rewards challenges in combining two global auto manufacturers.
  • Special keynote address - John Ellis, futurist speaker, best-selling author and former technologist with Ford Motor Company discussed what's in store for manufacturing & automotive companies.
  • Q&A and close

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