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Aerospace: Risk Advisory Services

Find out more about the risk management services Marsh offers for military and civil aerospace companies and organizations.

The aerospace industry is going through a transformational shift, presenting both increased risks and lucrative opportunities to businesses that are operating within it.

Global economic pressures and changing government strategies have led to a contraction of the industry’s defence segment, resulting in a decline in production and return on capital employed. This is in comparison to the record growth experienced by commercial and business sectors which have been elevated by emerging markets, fleet renewals, and efficiency improvement.

Marsh has a dedicated global team of risk consultants with both civil and military aerospace expertise and can work with clients to develop and implement risk management plans tailored to an organization’s goal. We focus on supporting senior managers and executives to effectively manage risk so that they can improve performance, respond to opportunities, and implement best practice risk controls.

We see our knowledge management (KM) system to be one of our key differentiators. Our KM system is based on an innovative approach to ensure our clients are provided with both current industry best practice and Marsh’s collective experience.

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