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Aviation Client Advisory Services

We have set up a dedicated client advisory team as we see this as a key component in our Aviation & Aerospace service offering to clients.

Who We Are

We have set up a dedicated client advisory team as we see this as a key component in our service offering to clients. A significant part of the team’s work encompasses contract review and ‘best practice’ advice including negotiation, liaison and debate with banks and legal advisers at all levels. The insurance and indemnity requirements in aviation purchase, lease and finance and other aviation-related contracts often seem confusing and inconsistent, even to experienced insurance managers and the team is set up to assist in such matters. We appreciate that the demands on our clients for evidence of insurance are many, varied and continuous.

What We Do

We regularly undertake complex opinion and advisory work requiring a high degree of specialist knowledge and experience for organisations involved in the aviation and aerospace sector including banks and aircraft leasing companies. We attain and maintain the highest technical standards and, vitally, consistency thus ensuring compliance with contract conditions for the client.

We produce all relevant insurance evidence and certification on behalf of clients to satisfy all relevant authorities, lessors and other interested parties, so have built up a formidable knowledge-base of the multifarious wordings of insurance clauses.

Our Client Advisory Service

Working closely with our client's contract managers and in-house legal staff to ensure that their insurance obligations to lessors and banks are effectively managed, enabling seamless risk transfer. Our expertise enables us to negotiate seemingly contradictory contract requirements and policy clauses into realistic industry acceptable solutions for our clients.

This service provision includes ad-hoc in-house seminars on topical aviation insurance and contractual issues, offering clear insight to clients' non-insurance commercial staff as well as their insurance professionals. Our close relationship with a number of aviation lawyers enables us to provide valuable joint training on a variety of difficult insurance issues. This focused training offers assistance into the understanding of quite erudite subjects of our client's choosing.

Marsh’s Aviation and Aerospace Practice has invested significant resources in an online certificate website now recognised by major lessors and banks worldwide as a market leader. This offers global accessibility and flexibility — our customer satisfaction has noticeably increased since the website was introduced as a result of the increased speed and efficiency with which lessors can access vital insurance information.