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2022 Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference

As real estate and hospitality continues to evolve and new business challenges emerge, join us for the 2022 Marsh Real Estate & Hospitality Conference to learn more about trending risk issues and risk management strategies to better navigate the future of risk.

Navigating the Future of Risk

The economic and financial outlook for businesses has rarely been as complex as it is today. The persisting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, increased oil prices, inflationary pressures, and rising interest rates make for a challenging blend of risks for the commercial real estate and hospitality sector.

Despite these challenges, commercial real estate remains a relative value play and will continue to attract significant domestic and foreign capital for the foreseeable future, although the forecast varies among asset classes. To capitalize on growth, industry leaders need to move into rapid recovery mode, assess property resilience against the forces of climate change, embrace digital, develop and retain top talent, build operational excellence, and create a diverse and inclusive culture, among other investments. Adaptability remains the key to success, and the industry needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of both businesses and consumers. Actions taken in the back half of 2022 will likely define the future of commercial real estate and hospitality.

Bringing together leading real estate and hospitality professionals from across the globe, the 2022 Marsh Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference, which took place on November 2-3, served as a platform for meaningful discussion on the latest risk-related trends and emerging threats. Featuring a variety of engaging speakers, the conference stimulated conversation and introduced attendees to resources and solutions to help organizations address critical issues affecting their risk management strategies and business operations.

2022 Marsh Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference Highlights:

  • Global Property Market Update Panel
  • Keynote Address – A Time of Great Opportunity: Don Peebles
  • Emerging Risks Panel: The Interconnected Risk Landscape

To check out the 2021 Marsh Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference topics, speakers, and session recordings, please click here. For more information, follow #MarshREH on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Global Property Market Update Panel

Rapid inflation, supply chain uncertainty, geopolitical issues, and the longer-term impact of natural catastrophe events continue to contribute to a challenging property market, starting with the reinsurance market. Our panel of specialists — moderated by Esther Kim, Managing Director, West Zone Real Estate Practice Leader, Marsh — examines trends affecting the property insurance market today, explores where property risk is heading, and discusses the options for insureds.

Keynote Address — A Time of Great Opportunity

Don Peebles, Chairman and CEO of The Peebles Corporation, drives an engaging discussion around realizing opportunity amidst uncertainty, delivering insightful strategies for real and hospitality companies to unlock opportunities for growth. 

Emerging Risks Panel: The Interconnected Risk Landscape

How can real estate and hospitality industry leaders adapt their business models to keep up with emerging risks? What strategies may help ensure continuity and long-term prosperity? Our panel of specialists — moderated by Megan McClellan, Managing Director, Southeast Zone Sales Leader, Marsh — discusses and debates the top challenges in a changing risk environment.

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