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Asbestos bodily injury claims & specialty risk transfer solutions

Asbestos claims costs are rising

  • Average cost per asbestos claim is at a 12-year high
  • Average cost per claim increased by 25% in 2019
  • 40% of defendants report an increase in the number of filings
  • Following exposure to asbestos, 20 million people are at risk for developing mesothelioma
  • It typically takes 20-50 years following exposure to asbestos for mesothelioma to manifest
  • 36 years is the median number of years defendants reserve for asbestos claims

Do you know how to forecast, report, and manage your organization’s liability costs?

Asbestos Bodily Injury Claims & Specialty Risk Transfer Solutions is a 20-minute class that examines the challenge of asbestos claims – how their numbers and costs may develop over time – and the solutions available to help address existing, pending, and future claims.

Environmental short-course series

Marsh’s Environmental Short-Course Series is a collection of highly focused, 15-20 minute topical discussions on environmental risk management that are relevant and useful in today’s business climate.

Other courses in the series include:

  • M&A Toolbox - M&A activity is back with a vengeance. Don’t let environmental liabilities derail your deal.
  • Counterparty Credit Risk - Concerned about divested environmental liabilities coming back home? Excess of indemnity insurance might be the answer.
  • Cost Cap Insurance - Yes, there are solutions to cover project cost overruns. Learn about the options.