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Climate-Ready Property Engineering Reports

Prepare for — and protect against — risks posed by climate-related natural catastrophe events.


Get ahead of future challenges with an enhanced understanding of physical climate risks.


Improve decision-making and introduce climate considerations into capital expenditures.


Utilize climate scenario analysis and modeling to deliver sustainable and superior financial outcomes.

As the climate changes, many locations are likely to experience changes in the frequency and severity of weather-related natural catastrophe events. Owners and operators of physical assets increasingly are questioning how their assets will perform over the long term — and how they can mitigate, manage, and transfer physical climate-related risk.

To effectively respond to the changing physical climate risk landscape, organizations require data-led insights. Marsh, accordingly, is evolving our risk engineering capabilities to better serve our clients. By combining our property engineers’ asset-level knowledge with our climate modeling expertise, we are able to provide our clients with enhanced property engineering reports that integrate potential future climate change exposures.

This repeatable modeling approach is embedded within our existing property risk evaluation process, and can be applied to organizations that have:

  • Physical assets, whether or not already at risk from natural catastrophes as evidenced by historic experience or modeling.
  • A need for a high-level understanding of how climate change might impact their property portfolio, in order to inform prioritization of high-risk assets.
  • Limited in-house ability to perform physical climate risk scenario analysis required for regulatory disclosures, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Our data-driven, climate-ready property engineering reports can boost your organization’s resilience by:

  • Enabling you to anticipate challenges with an understanding of future physical climate risks, including individual perils such as flooding, extreme wind and wildfire.
  • Helping you prioritize investments to minimize property damage and business interruption risk.
  • Providing dependable, quantitative data to feed into external disclosures.
  • Supporting strategic decision-making that introduces climate considerations into capital expenditures.
  • Providing a starting point for deep-dive climate resilience assessments with granular modeling around changing likelihood and second-order effects, such as business interruption.

We help you identify opportunities for improvement, including both operational enhancements and physical protection measures, and provide recommendations for more informed choices around operating and maintaining your physical assets.

For more information on climate-ready property engineering reporting and how we can help you prepare for and protect against the changing climate, contact our property risk specialists.

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