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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Helping you achieve accountability, transparency, and effective governance and compliance risk management — transforming a cost into a benefit.


Review corporate activities exposed to the risk of liability. 


Take a deep dive into risks that may result in damages.


Implement compliance frameworks and tailored solutions.

In today's dynamic business environment, corporate governance and compliance are crucial for establishing trust, building reputation, and gaining competitive advantage. An integrated approach to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is essential for organizations to navigate complex regulations, mitigate risks, promote ethical practices, and achieve long-term success.

To implement an effective — and cost-effective — GRC strategy, organizations should ensure key elements are established and aligned, in order to drive accountability and transparency within the business:

  • Governance: Encompassing the board, its committees, policies, and procedures that foster an ethical culture and behavior, a strong governance framework sets the foundation for effective risk and compliance management.
  • Risk: By integrating risk management with governance and compliance efforts, organizations can establish a robust process for identifying, measuring, mitigating, and monitoring risks and opportunities.
  • Compliance: Compliance ensures that organizations adhere to internal policies, relevant laws, and regulations, helping mitigate legal and reputational risks while promoting ethical conduct.

To support an integrated GRC approach, Marsh can help organizations develop internal control systems and processes. These risk and compliance frameworks can be used to identify, assess, and monitor corporate governance risks on an ongoing basis.

Our agile model is supported by regional teams of skilled consultants knowledgeable in local regulations and risks. With their knowledge and experience, they provide tailored solutions to help you meet your specific GRC needs, navigate complex regulatory landscapes, and create an enterprise-wide culture of compliance.

Why Marsh

Our GRC approach focuses on standardized, streamlined, and integrated functions. By implementing consistent and aligned frameworks, processes, and organizational reporting, we drive performance optimization. Marsh’s goal is to help you create and preserve shareholder and stakeholder value by working with you to develop a program to meet your organization’s precise needs.