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Project and Program Management

We can help you develop a holistic planning and governance framework for risk management, enhancing project and program performance.


Define specific and measurable project objectives, outlining boundaries and deliverables.


Establish transparent communication with stakeholders throughout the process.


Continuously track and control risks to avoid potential business disruptions.

In today’s evolving and ever-shifting business landscape, organizations more than ever need strategic guidance and expertise to effectively plan, execute, and manage a robust governance framework for risk management.

Our team of strategic project and program managers understands the importance of identifying risks early on to ensure project success. We partner with your organization to assess potential risks, develop mitigation strategies, and establish a comprehensive framework for monitoring and controlling risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Advisory specialists work with you to establish the optimal organizational structure and processes for your project’s precise goals. Our consultants help you to define roles and responsibilities, establish effective communication channels, and implement best-in-class project management methodologies and tools. By providing essential guidance and support, we empower organizations to streamline their operations, foster collaboration, and enhance overall project and program performance.

Why Marsh

Our project and program management consultancy services focus on continuous learning and refinement. We help you evaluate your project and program management practices, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to enhance performance. With our iterative approach, we help you evolve and adapt to changing business environments, opening the door to better outcomes and increased success rates. Whether you are supplementing your own workforce or need to bring in a team to manage a project, Marsh’s Advisory team can help develop a program to meet your organization’s precise needs.